WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists is an evangelistic "Church on Wheels" ministry, spreading the Timeless Truths of the Gospel throughout the United States. We use bicycles and motorcycles to reach people for Jesus and invite, and encourage you, to join us on one of our upcoming Mission Trips. It will strengthen you in your faith and teach you how to talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace about Jesus.  To further assist you in your evangelistic efforts, we offer witnessing tracts and materials that we believe will help equip you to share your faith right where you live and ride.

WHEEL POWER teams have ridden over 1.8 million accident-free miles and have been blessed and used of the Lord to plant seeds in the hearts of thousands of lost souls; to water the seeds planted by others; and be led by the Holy Spirit to pray with thousands for salvation. We give God the Glory for He gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6).

Our newest sport ministry outreach programs included Pickleball and Disc Golf. Learn more about these fast growing sports, for players of all ages, and see how you can get involved.

Please pray for Judy Bowman, founder of WPCC, and her son, Steve, as they continue to lead this ministry. Both remain actively involved in riding and reaching the lost for Jesus, speaking in churches, teaching witnessing workshops and encouraging Christians to be bold in their faith. Please contact Judy or Steve if you would like them to speak at your church, Sunday school class or Bible study group.

We are a 100% faith-based, 501-c-3 non-profit ministry, and place our faith and hope in Jesus to meet our needs and provide for our ministry through friends like you. We are so thankful for all who partner with us as the Lord leads and we invite you to become part of our WHEEL POWER Fellowship team. We take the Great Commission seriously as we GO and BE Salt, Light and Bold for Jesus Christ throughout the USA. (Matthew 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; John 15:16; Acts 1:8).


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Any time you order on Amazon, you can support WHEEL POWER

By clicking on the link, log into your amazon acct. and then search for WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists. Donations from purchases you make, will benefit our ministry. Please share with your family and friends and works for business accounts too - Thank you!


LAST Bicycle Mission Trip in 2017

October 12 - 26

WHEEL POWER will be doing a Fall mission trip on bicycles in the south-eastern part of our Country. Our first stop will be Thomson, Georgia for 6 days of riding and witnessing and ministry programs at the church. Then we will drive to Hilton Head Island, SC, for 4 days of more riding and witnessing all around the Island. Our final ministry opportunity will be in St. Augustine, FL, our Nation’s oldest city and one of our most historic towns, for another 4 fantastic days of riding and telling others about Jesus. We invite you to join us on any or all of these city rides to pedal and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more details and to register for the trip contact Judy.


"Mission Completed!"

The WHEEL POWER mission trip across America concluded on 7-17-17 in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Judy Bowman and Chrissy Lawrence successfully rode 10,400 miles on the beautiful Honda Goldwing Trike the Lord provided as a gift to Judy several years ago. The 76-day trip took them from Lynchburg West to Southern California, North to Seattle, East to Maine and South back to Virginia.  The trip was filled to overflowing with God's blessings and provisions.  There  were also those "Divine Appointments" where the ladies shared the love of Jesus and the salvation message to hundreds of people they met along the highways and byways of the good ole USA. It was great for them to reconnect with family and faithful friends and supporters of WHEEL POWER along their travels. They spent 54 nights in the homes of friends, 5 nights in hotel-style accommodations at Christian Camps, a few nights in church Sunday school rooms and also a few nights in motels that were provided by friends along the way.

To God be the glory for this amazing, exciting and fruitful mission trip.  A special thanks to everyone who hosted our missionaries, prayed for them and supported this mission trip with financial gifts too.

WHEEL POWER Ministry Updates

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