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Christian Bicycle Tours
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Aug 7 - Oct 11 Across America Bicycle Mission Trip
Ave 60-75 per day

Our upcoming mission trip across America is fast approaching and we are so excited to see how the Lord is going to use us as we pedal and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ from sea to shining sea.

The team will meet in Thomson, GA on Monday, August 6 for orientation, training and fellowship.  We will then depart Thomson on Wednesday morning, August 8 on our bicycles to head West to California.  Second Baptist Church in Thomson will be our host church, feel free to stop by and meet the team.

Would you please pray for us? For our safety, protection and witnessing opportunities.  Would you also let us know if you live in, or near, one of the towns where we will be staying each night or have friends in these towns.  We are still looking for host churches in several locations. We also want to invite you to ride with us for a day or more to encourage us, witness with us and see the blessings of the Lord pour out upon us.  Thank you and God’s blessings!  Hope to see you along our journey!

Day 1 Tuesday, Aug. 7 Thomson, GA - Local Ride
Day 2 Wednesday, Aug. 8 Sandersville, GA
Day 3 Thursday, Aug. 9 Milledgeville, GA
Day 4 Friday, Aug. 10 Byron, GA
Day 5 Saturday, Aug. 11 Columbus, GA
Day 6 Sunday, Aug. 12 Columbus, GA
Day 7 Monday, Aug. 13 Opelika, AL
Day 8 Tuesday, Aug. 14 Prattville, AL
Day 9 Wednesday, Aug. 15 Prattville, AL
Day 10 Thursday, Aug. 16 Centreville, AL
Day 11 Friday, Aug. 17 Northport, AL
Day 12 Saturday, Aug. 18 Columbus, MS
Day 13 Sunday, Aug. 19 Columbus, MS
Day 14 Monday, Aug. 20 Eupora, MS
Day 15 Tuesday, Aug. 21 Winona, MS
Day 16 Wednesday, Aug. 22 Greenville, MS
Day 17 Thursday, Aug. 23 Lake Village, MS
Day 18 Friday, Aug. 24 Crossett, AR
Day 19 Saturday, Aug. 25 Crossett, AR
Day 20 Sunday, Aug. 26 Crossett, AR
Day 21 Monday, Aug. 27 El Dorado, AR
Day 22 Tuesday, Aug. 28 Magnolia, AR
Day 23 Wednesday, Aug. 29 Texarkana, AR
Day 24 Thursday, Aug. 30 De Kalb, TX
Day 25 Friday, Aug. 31 Paris, TX
Day 26 Saturday, Sep. 1 Sherman, TX
Day 27 Sunday, Sep. 2 Denton, TX
Day 28 Monday, Sep. 3 Denton, TX
Day 29 Tuesday, Sep. 4 Wichita Falls, TX
Day 30 Wednesday, Sep. 5 Vernon, TX
Day 31 Thursday, Sep. 6 Childress, TX
Day 32 Friday, Sep. 7 Amarillo, TX
Day 33 Saturday, Sep. 8 Amarillo, TX
Day 34 Sunday, Sep. 9 Amarillo, TX
Day 35 Monday, Sep. 10 Vega, TX
Day 36 Tuesday, Sep. 11 Tucumcari, NM
Day 37 Wednesday, Sep. 12 Santa Rosa, NM
Day 38 Thursday, Sep. 13 Moriarty, NM
Day 39 Friday, Sep. 14 Albuquerque, NM
Day 40 Saturday, Sep. 15 Gallup, NM
Day 41 Sunday, Sep. 16 Gallup, NM
Day 42 Monday, Sep. 17 Gallup, NM
Day 43 Tuesday, Sep. 18 Gallup, NM
Day 44 Wednesday, Sep. 19 Sanders, AZ
Day 45 Thursday, Sep. 20 Holbrook, AZ
Day 46 Friday, Sep. 21 Winslow, AZ
Day 47 Saturday, Sep. 22 Flagstaff, AZ
Day 48 Sunday, Sep. 23 Flagstaff, AZ
Day 49 Monday, Sep. 24 Flagstaff, AZ
Day 50 Tuesday, Sep. 25 Flagstaff, AZ
Day 51 Wednesday, Sep. 26 Williams, AZ
Day 52 Thursday, Sep. 27 Seligman, AZ
Day 53 Friday, Sep. 28 Peach Springs, AZ
Day 54 Saturday, Sep. 29 Kingman, AZ
Day 55 Sunday, Sep. 30 Kingman, AZ
Day 56 Monday, Oct. 1 Bullhead City, AZ
Day 57 Tuesday, Oct. 2 Searchlight, NV
Day 58 Wednesday, Oct. 3 Baker, CA
Day 59 Thursday, Oct. 4 Barstow, CA
Day 60 Friday, Oct. 5 Hesperia, CA
Day 61 Saturday, Oct. 6 Redlands, CA
Day 62 Sunday, Oct. 7 Redlands, CA
Day 63 Monday, Oct. 8 Pasadena, CA
Day 64 Tuesday, Oct. 9 Huntington Beach, CA
Day 65 Wednesday, Oct. 10 Huntington Beach, CA
Day 66 Thursday, Oct. 11 Celebration Day

ACT: Always Carry Tracts!!! Be sure to keep a supply of Christian tracts in your jersey pocket or in your bike bag.  This way you can give them out on your club rides or event rides that you do throughout the year.  Tracts are an easy way to share the Gospel with folks.  We also recommend our GOOD NEWS witnessing cards.  They are bright yellow and laminated and have the Gospel message spelled out in an easy to use witnessing format.

Judy Bowman’s personal testimony tract, “Can We Pedal Our Way to Heaven?” is available at our store along with the GOOD NEWS cards, Gospels of John, New Testaments and much more.

You can purchase a WHEEL POWER jersey, t-shirt, tracts and other witnessing material at our store.