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Christian Bicycle Tours
Date: Town: Miles:
October 14-27
Atlantic Coast Bicycle Trip
50 per day

Charleston, SC to Palatka, FL. This 500-mile bicycle ride will be an exciting adventure of riding our bicycles and sharing Jesus in many coastal towns from South Carolina to Florida. We will average 50 miles per day and will stay in churches each night. We invite you to join us for a day, a week or the entire trip. Register now to reserve your spot on this Fall mission trip.


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ACT: Always Carry Tracts!!! Be sure to keep a supply of Christian tracts in your jersey pocket or in your bike bag.  This way you can give them out on your club rides or event rides that you do throughout the year.  Tracts are an easy way to share the Gospel with folks.  We also recommend our GOOD NEWS witnessing cards.  They are bright yellow and laminated and have the Gospel message spelled out in an easy to use witnessing format.

Judy Bowman’s personal testimony tract, “Can We Pedal Our Way to Heaven?” is available at our store along with the GOOD NEWS cards, Gospels of John, New Testaments and much more.

You can purchase a WHEEL POWER jersey, t-shirt, tracts and other witnessing material at our store.  We also recommend for a great selection of cycling and moisture-wicking shirts and Big Fish Screenprinting, to get your own custom t-shirts..