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WHEEL POWER Sports Ministry Programs for 2017-19
Judy Bowman and son Steve, will be the Directors of the Commonwealth Games Pickleball tournament again this year. We invite you to come join us for a day or more of witnessing opportunities at this event.  It is our 3rd year and we look forward to an amazing weekend.  If you've never seen the fast, growing sport of Pickleball, come in for the weekend and join us in ministry!

• Virginia Commonwealth Games, Pickleball Tournament, Lynchburg, VA - July 24-26, 2018

• State Games of America, Pickleball Tournament, Lynchburg, VA - Aug 1-4, 2019

PICKLEBALL is a new Recreation Ministry of WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists.  This fun sport provides exercise and opportunities for people to develop new relationships, grow friendships and strengthen one another in life and faith.

The Pickleball Ministry strives to be a family outreach program, although we have found it to be most successful with the adult and senior population. However, after an adult program is established, a youth program can easily be developed bringing together the whole family, from ages 6 to 96.  This sports ministry program provides all the  necessary skills needed for a well-rounded, enjoyable and fun experience. It is our hope that everyone in the family will come out to give it a try. It’s a “dilly of a sport”!



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THE MINISTRY MODEL: (John 15:12-17)

  • The WHEEL POWER Pickleball Ministry Team will come along side the local church, working closely with the church leaders, to help develop and grow this exciting program.

  • We will teach a core group of Christians from each church about how to “Talk to anyone, anytime, anyplace about Jesus.”  Judy Bowman’s book, UNTIL The Road Ends, will be the instructional manual used in the evangelism teaching sessions.

  • We will teach the basics of the sport, provide the nets, balls, paddles and an official Rule Book as well as offering an introductory program including a Pickleball clinic open to all.

  • We believe Pickleball will provide a way to draw people from your community to participate in this sport, as well as give them a warm and welcome introduction to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to your church.

  • A church Pickleball program encourages church members and attendees to reach out to friends, family and neighbors by inviting them to participate in this fun activity.

  • A church Pickleball program creates an environment that is conducive to building relationships, discipleship and fellowship.

  • A church Pickleball program provides a non-threatening, wholesome, relational environment that embraces and emphasizes Christ-like attitudes, encourages spiritual growth and promotes physical fitness.

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