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Christian Motorcycle Tours
Date: Town: Miles:
May 3 - July 19
Across America 2017
60 per day

Judy Bowman, founder of WHEEL POWER and full-time Missionary to the USA, will be traveling on her Honda Goldwing, 3-wheel trike from Lynchburg, Virginia west to California then north to Seattle, Washington before returning home to Lynchburg. Judy’s focus for this 10,000-mile, trip will be to share Jesus along the way with everyone she can as well as visiting family, friends and faithful supporters, both individuals and churches, throughout the USA. Please pray for Judy, come meet her, ride with her or invite her to your church to speak and teach her CROSS TRAINING WORKSHOP on “How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace about Jesus.”


Judy’s complete itinerary will be posted soon so you can pray for her, meet up with her and even ride with her along this 2017 USA mission trip. You may also be interested in hearing Judy share her testimony or attend a workshop where she will be teaching Christians how to share their faith, not from a bicycle or motorcycle, but in everyday life situations such as at the grocery store, in neighborhood encounters and on vacation trips.


Mission Trip Itinerary:

Day 1 May 3 Wednesday Lynchburg to Kingsport, TN 215 miles

Day 2 May 4     Thursday Kingsport to Lebanon, TN 257 miles

Day 3 May 5     Friday Lebanon to Evansville, IN           175 miles

Day 4 May 6 Saturday Evansville to Rolla, MO                 293 miles

Day 5 May 7 Sunday Rolla to Springfield, MO 115 miles

Day 6 May 8 Monday Day Ministry in Branson, MO 100 miles

Day 7 May 9 Tuesday Springfield to Broken Arrow, OK 192 miles

Day 8 May 10 Wednesday Day Ministry Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK

Day 9 May 11 Thursday Broken Arrow to Denton, TX         251 miles

Day 10 May 12 Friday Denton to Coppell, TX 25 miles

Day 11 May 13 Saturday Coppell to Godley, TX 60 miles

Day 12 May 14   Sunday Worship service in Godley, TX

Day 13   May 15 Monday Godley to Childress, TX 255 miles

Day 14 May 16 Tuesday Childress to Clayton, NM 243 miles

Day 15 May 17 Wednesday Clayton to Del Norte, CO 243 miles

Day 16 May 18 Thursday Del Norte to Farmington, NM 160 miles

Day 17 May 19 Friday Farmington to Tuba City, AZ 213 miles

Day 18 May 20 Saturday Tuba City to Flagstaff, AZ 165 miles

Day 19 May 21 Sunday Worship service Flagstaff, AZ

Day 20 May 22 Monday Flagstaff to Phoenix, AZ 215 miles

Day 21 May 23 Tuesday Phoenix to Riverside, CA 335 miles

Day 22 May 24 Wednesday Day Ministry Riverside, CA

Day 23 May 25 Thursday Day Ministry Riverside, CA

Day 24 May 26 Friday Riverside to Visalia, CA 150 miles

Day 25 May 27 Saturday Visalia to Atwater, CA 170 miles

Day 26 May 28 Sunday Worship service Atwater, CA

Day 27 May 29 Monday Atwater to San Jose, CA 115 miles

Day 28 May 30 Tuesday Day Ministry San Jose, CA

Day 29 May 31 Wednesday Day Ministry San Jose, CA

Day 30 June 1 Thursday San Jose to Vallejo, CA 75 miles

Day 31 June 2 Friday Day ministry Vallejo, CA

Day 32 June 3 Saturday Vallejo to Sacramento, CA 62 miles

Day 33 June 4 Sunday Worship service Sacramento, CA

Day 34 June 5 Monday Day Ministry Sacramento, CA

Day 35 June 6 Tuesday Sacramento to Graton, CA 110 miles

Day 36 June 7 Wednesday Graton to Eureka, CA 216 miles

Day 37 June 8 Thursday Eureka to Coos Bay, OR 215 miles

Day 38 June 9 Friday Coos Bay to Keizer, OR 190 miles

Day 39 June 10 Saturday Keizer to White Center, WA   215 miles

Day 40 June 11 Sunday Worship service Grace Church, Seattle, WA

Day 41 June 12 Monday Day Ministry White Center/Seattle, WA

Day 42 June 13 Tuesday White Center to Leavenworth, WA 155 miles

Day 43 June 14 Wednesday Leavenworth to Spokane, WA 200 miles

Day 44 June 15 Thursday Spokane to Plains, MT 130 miles

Day 45 June 16 Friday Plains to Helena, MT 190 miles

Day 46 June 17 Saturday Helena to Bozeman, MT 100 miles

Day 47 June 18 Sunday Worship service Bozeman, MT

Day 48 June 19 Monday Bozeman to Billings, MT 150 miles

Day 49 June 20 Tuesday Billings to Buffalo, WY 165 miles

Day 50 June 21 Wednesday Buffalo to Rapid City, SD 210 miles

Day 51 June 22 Thursday Day ministry Rapid City, SD

Day 52 June 23 Friday apid City to Pierre to Miller, SD 255 miles

Day 53 June 24 Saturday Day Ministry Miller/St. Lawrence, SD

Day 54 June 25 Sunday Worship service St. Lawrence, SD

Day 55 June 26 Monday Miller to Inwood, IA 205 miles

Day 56 June 27 Tuesday Inwood to Ankeny, IA 260 miles

Day 57 June 28 Wednesday Ankeny to Tiskilwa, IL 255 miles

Day 58 June 29 Thursday Tiskilwa to Warsaw, IN 225 miles

Day 59 June 30 Friday Warsaw, IN to Van Wert, OH 130 miles

Day 60 July 1 Saturday Day ministry, Van Wert, OH 90 miles

Day 61 July 2 Sunday Worship service, Van Wert, OH

Day 62 July 3 Monday Van Wert to Canton, OH 180 miles

Day 63 July 4 Tuesday Canton to Erie, PA 150 miles

Day 64 July 5 Wednesday Erie to Elmira, NY 205 miles

Day 65 July 6 Thursday Elmira to Carmel, NY 220 miles

Day 66 July 7 Friday Carmel to Portsmouth NH 220 miles

Day 67 July 8 Saturday Day ministry Portsmouth, NH area

Day 68 July 9 Sunday Worship service Portsmouth, NH

Day 69 July 10 Monday Portsmouth to Dublin, NH 100 miles

Day 70 July 11 Tuesday Dublin to Albany to Prospect, NY 210 miles

Day 71 July 12 Wednesday Day ministry Prospect, NY

Day 72 July 13 Thursday Prospect to Clifton Twp, PA 185 miles

Day 73 July 14 Friday Clifton Twp to Shillington, PA 110 miles

Day 74 July 15 Saturday Day Ministry Lancaster PA area 200 miles

Day 75 July 16 Sunday Worship service Shillington, PA

Afternoon ride to Severn Run, MD 120 miles

Day 76 July 17 Monday Severn Run to Mechanicsville, VA 150 miles

Day 77 July 18 Tuesday Mechanicsville to Lynchburg, VA 130 miles


Pray for their Journey and the lives Christ will change!

Sept. 16 - Oct. 4
Maine to Florida Motorcycle Mission Trip
175 per day

RUN FOR THE CROSS: Bar Harbor, Maine to St. Augustine, Florida


Bar Harbor, Maine to St. Augustine, Florida. What an exciting trip this will be as we ride an average of 175 miles a day and witness to folks we meet along the way from Maine to Florida. This 2,500-mile ride will take us along the Maine coastline, the North Carolina and South Carolina coasts and finish at the oldest City in the USA, St. Augustine. We invite you to join us for a few days, a week or the whole trip. The team will stay in churches each night and enjoy the sweet fellowship of other believers who will feed us and encourage us as we continue our mission trip of sharing Jesus.


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RUN FOR THE CROSS motorcycle adventures are 4 or 5-day rides in States throughout the USA. We will stop at State Capital's or local offices in each State or City and pray for our Local, State and National leaders. Also along the way, we will visit some of the most spectacular Crosses in our Country. Several of these Crosses are as tall as 199 feet. We know that all these Rides will lead us to people whom God will put in our path to share His love and message of salvation.

If you are interested in having us come to your church, plan a mission trip for your motorcycle club, or host an evangelism training seminar, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .