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Across America Mission Trip 2018

Greetings from Alabama!

We praise the Lord for a great first week of our mission trip.  We bicycled across Georgia and are praising the Lord for His many blessings which include:

•  The opportunity to talk to many people about Jesus.  Some were in the towns where we stayed or as we rode around the community.  Other folks we met and talked with were at our stops for water or when we made a pit stop.

•  Warm greetings at each church where we slept every night.  Great fellowship with the Pastor and/or church folks most evenings

• Delicious meals, cool showers, and opportunities for me to share about WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists and my personal testimony

•  Safety as we pedaled approximately 275 miles on some very beautiful, scenic roads in Georgia

•  Prayers from family and dear friends all across the USA and encouraging messages on Facebook, email and texts

As we travel and talk with people about our Faith, I think it is always interesting to hear what others believe, or don’t believe, about God.  When talking with most non-believers, I find that they are searching to find, and know, the Truth.

Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus everywhere we go, planting the seeds of Truth from the Bible and leaving folks with a better understanding of God’s Word and His plan and purpose for their lives and the hope of eternal security.




I was leading the team along a beautiful 4-lane divided highway in Georgia.  I pulled over and stopped when I saw that up ahead there was some construction and wanted to alert my teammates. While we were stopped, one of the Georgia Transportation road crew guys, Jim, stopped to see if we were ok and then asked what we were doing. I shared about our ministry and that we were riding to Los Angeles and our purpose for riding was to tell everyone that Jesus loves them. I asked him if he knew Jesus and He told us he was a believer and had been saved for years and loved the Lord with all his heart.  He told us that the road ahead was partially closed and it would be very dangerous for us on our bicycles. He then offered to escort us by riding behind us, with his flashing lights on. Wow, what a blessing!   All the west-bound traffic stayed behind him until we got through the 1.2 miles of construction!!!

It is so cool that the Lord always knows what we need and when we need help and today He bought us Jim, our Angel for the day!