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WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 2

Heat, humidity and hills were part of our days these past couple weeks but now that we have crossed the Mississippi River and into Southern Arkansas - we have only lost the hills!!!!

All of the challenges on the road, like the weather, the traffic, the road conditions and even the two flat tires and a broken fan belt on the van, have made it so interesting when we meet people to tell them about our journey of spreading the love of Jesus.

Our Host Families & Churches!

Our host church families have knocked our socks off every night with sweet fellowship, fantastic food plus the opportunity for us to tell them more about our ministry.  I have been blessed to share my testimony and a challenging message from God’s Word about how important it is for all believers to be mindful, and intentional, about sharing the GOOD NEWS with everyone they meet.  We thank our new friends we visited these last 2 weeks in Opelika, Prattville, Centreville, Northport, Columbus, Eupora, Winona, and Greenville, Mississippi.  Plus the great folks in Lake Village, Crossett and El Dorado, our first three towns in Arkansas.  We are so grateful for their love, prayers and support.

We had two special days in Prattville, AL and were able to get some rest as well as riding locally, witnessing, speaking and even Pickleball. One early morning riding in town, we met Matthew, a 19-yr old young man who had just lost his job 5-minutes before and was walking home.  He had been an atheist until he was 16 years old but had been searching for the truth the last couple years. When we pedaled up behind him and said, good morning, he was quite surprised.  Matthew told us what happened and I assured him that God was in control and had a better job waiting for him.  We shared the Gospel message with him and I shared about my desire to know the truth when I was in my 20’s and how God revealed Himself to me through His Word, the Bible.  After that discussion, he then said there’s one other thing going on in my life, I will know at 1:00pm today if I am going to be a father.  My girl friend is having an ultra sound.  Whew, what a heavy load for a young man, and although he was not ready to receive the free gift of salvation that morning, we gathered around him and prayed. After that he said, “Now I know there is a God, you all came out of nowhere and showed me that you cared, thank you.”  Would you please join with us and let's pray that Matthew reads the tract and Gospel of John we gave him, gets saved, and gets involved with a Bible-believing church. We did give him the name and contact info at the church where we were staying.

Also in Prattville, I was invited to teach a couple Pickleball clinics, which was so fun and made lots of new friends. I had the blessing of speaking and sharing in their Wednesday evening service too and we all were very uplifted by the encouragement we received.

After pedaling across the Mississippi River, we were taken by surprise when a businessman pulled over while we were taking a picture at the “WELCOME TO ARKANSAS” sign.  He asked what we were riding for and I told him we ride to tell everyone we can that Jesus loves them.  “Do you know that Jesus loves you, sir, I asked?”  Without hesitation he said, you bet I do, I am a believer and attend a Baptist church in Mississippi.  He said he would pray for us as he drove to his business meeting still a 3-hour drive west.  Before leaving, however, he said I knew God prompted me to stop, I have been blessed meeting you folks and then handed me some money and said please treat your team to lunch.  He said his goodbyes and added, “Be safe, God bless you and thank you for what you are doing.”

It was only a few miles from that welcome sign that we entered Lake Village.  As we rode through town, people pulled over to see my ELF bike and ask what we were doing.  Some took pictures and we witnessed to many people, prayed with a few folks who needed prayer and we were also blessed by the many Christians we met.  We had lunch at Mac Donald’s and again, we had more people to talk to and pray with for their needs.

When we finally arrived at the church, more blessings awaited us. After a delicious dinner we went up to the sanctuary and people were filling up the pews to hear about our ministry.  Only God knew what was ahead that night.  After I spoke, the people said it was like a mini revival.  I sensed the Lord was at work too and continued to share and talk to people from my heart about a relationship with Jesus.  Our personal connection with Jesus transcends all barriers and not only gives us freedom from the penalty of our sins but freedom to speak the Truth in love to others that we know and meet.  I challenged everyone to take a “GOOD NEWS” card and do what I have been doing on this trip -  ask someone everyday, with all the enthusiasm and boldness you muster up,  “Have you heard the GOOD NEWS today?”

We spent 3 nights in Crossett, AR, a town of about 5,000 people.  On Saturday, August 25, we rode and talked to people in the neighborhoods, in front of Wal-Mart and used my little ELF bicycle to draw attention and bring folks to talk with us.  We stopped and prayed at the local High School for the students, teachers and their protection and for the boldness of the Christians who attend and teach in that school.  It was a day filled with blessings, witnessing opportunities and so much more.