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WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 3

Greetings From Amarillo, TX!

Galatians 6:9-10 says, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.  So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.”

We are at the half-way point of our mission trip and what a blessing it has been to see God use us in the lives of so many people we have met on the highways and byways.  He has also protected and blessed us so much each and every day.

Our weekend in Amarillo at Trinity Baptist Church provided us with much needed rest, great fellowship, encouragement from so many folks and ministry opportunities as well.  I had the blessing of teaching a Pickleball clinic here and talked with several players about Jesus.   On Saturday afternoon we were treated to lunch by Linda and Geary, Pickleball players and church members.

On Sunday, I shared my testiony and WHEEL POWER story in one of the adult Sunday School classes and several Pickleball players attended.  The Pickleball players had a potluck lunch for us afterwards.  Our team was also blessed with the visit from a former Pastor friend, Alan Tinsley and his wife, Pam, from Walsenburg, CO who now live in Amarillo and are members at Trinity.  After the services we talked with Tracy and Kim who have an amazing ministry called  This ministry exists to make disciples of 13-19 year old young women and men.  They do that by empowering youth through athletics and horses and helping them and their families to become deeply rooted in Jesus Christ.

Salvation and Witnessing Report:

Praise the Lord for two more people coming to know Jesus this past week plus  the many witnessing opportunities we have had each day as we continue to pedal and proclaim the message of salvation across our land.

I had the blessing of meeting Mark, a very nice 16-yr old young man who thought that because he was baptized he was going to heaven.  As I talked with Mark, he told me that when he was 6 years old he was baptized because his Mom wanted him to go to heaven when he died.  So for all those years he thought that it was his baptism, as well as being a member of the church, that made him a Christian and saved him.  As I took time to talk with Mark about sin, repentance and salvation he realized he was not saved but was so eager to know forgiveness of his sins and invite Jesus into his heart and life.  What a glorious day and we rejoiced as did the angels in heaven!!!!

A 20-year old young man we met on a bicycle path, who had just graduated from a Community College, heard the Gospel message from Debbie and Ron and wanted to be saved.  He told them how thankful he was to hear the truth of the Gospel and receive the free gift of salvation.

Highlights from the last 10 days:

•  Each church family blessing and encouraging us!!!

•  A tour of Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia where we met the President who gave each of us a school water bottle.  We also had several opportunities to witness to students while on the campus.  More Pickleball at the church that night too!

•  Being filmed on the road by Fred from KSLA TV-12 in Texarkana and were seen on the evening news throughout the region.  It was a lot of fun and we were thankful for the opportunity to tell the television audience about our bicycle mission trip across the USA spreading the love of Jesus.  The next day many people honked and waved at us!!!

•  The opportunity to share in the Wednesday evening service, and to the youth group, at First Baptist in Wake Village/Texarkana. It was a marvelous evening and the church really blessed us with taking us out to dinner, bringing in breakfast and going the extra mile.

•  Many blessings in DeKalb with Russell, Jo, Mike and Pastor James.  We were also interviewed by the local newspaper, shared Jesus with a man at a road-side store who said he was 80% sure his good works would get him to heaven.  We told him how he could know 100% but he wasn’t receptive – it was sad.  But we know we planted the seed and God will do the rest. We told the church and they are going to try and follow-up with him.

•  In Paris, TX we visited the Eiffel Tower and the Veterans Memorial – very impressive and touching.  Debbie and David from OK had been riding with us most of the week and treated us to dinner that evening and departed for home the following morning.

•  An unexpected side trip to McKinney to get some bike repair work done turned out to be such a blessing.  After more than 4 hours, we rolled out of Richardson Bike Mart so pleased with the assistance from the manger, David, to the mechanic, Barry, and the opportunities to talk to many people in the shop about the Lord. We even had a visit with our good friends, Judy and Peter, who rode across America with us a few times many years ago.

•  The weekend in Denton was special for all of us but especially for Chrissy, she got to stay and visit with her Aunt Sue and Uncle Ron.  Her church asked me to share my testimony and teach about witnessing in their Sunday morning service and then we enjoyed a fellowship dinner.

•  Due to a thunder storm in Wichita Falls, we were unable to pedal out of town.  I was invited to speak in the women’s morning Bible Study group and wow, what an unexpected blessing.  After I shared my testimony, the women gathered ‘round, laid hands on me and prayed.  Then one of the women asked if they could take a love offering for us and they all were very generous!  God is so good!

•  In Vernon, TX we had several local witnessing opportunities and enjoyed a fellowship dinner and time to talk, encourage and pray with many church folks that evening.  Pastor shared a great message on witnessing and it was so encouraging to us to hear how their church is reaching out in their town to spread the Gospel.