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WHEEL POWER Mission Trip Phase 4

Greetings from GALLUP, NM!

Hebrews 12:1-2a:  ”Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.”

As we continue to “Press On” we praise the Lord for His protection, mercy, grace and abundant  blessings upon us.  We have met so many people who need to know Jesus, who are lost and roaming around in the desert, literally, it is heart-aching.  But we are faithful to talk to everyone we can and share the love of Jesus with them - one mile at a time!

When we arrived in Vega, TX we were blessed with meeting Jaime, a truck driver who had stopped at the local truck stop to fill up. Jaime was 52 years old and very hurt from a marriage break-up about a year earlier. He was eager to hear the truth about Jesus because all he ever heard growing up was when his father would tell him, “ You are  never alone.”  Once a year his family went to church but Jaime didn’t fully understood about God, Jesus or how he could be saved and have a personal relationship with the Lord.  Well, praise the Lord we met him, shared the truth of the Gospel with Jaime and he was saved that day.  We prayed together and then encouraged him to find a Bible-believing church and to keep in touch through email. He promised he would.

That evening we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our host church family.  It was a blessing to share about Jaime, our ministry, play the guitar, sing together and be so encouraged by their love, appreciation and support.

In Tucumcari, NM we rode through town on Route 66 and talked with lots of folks. Our bikes, jerseys and just riding as a team always seems to get people asking us questions of which we in turn ask them, “Do you know that Jesus loves you today?”  or “Have you heard the GOOD NEWS today?”  Their answers and smiles say it all.

Tucumcari is an interesting town along the old route with lots of memorabilia and travelers. It was also a neat blessing to meet some Christian folks who were riding their motorcycles to the Grand Canyon.  They were all members of CMA, Christian Motorcycle Association, and so we had some sweet fellowship.  We prayed together before we departed and they even gave us a donation to help us on our journey!

We had no idea what the Lord had planned for us in Santa Rosa, NM, another town along old route 66.  We no sooner arrived at the church that a lady, who lives across the street, came over to see my ELF bike and ask what we were doing. As I shared with her the Gospel message, she got tears in her eyes and desired to have Christ as her Lord and Savior. She prayed and asked Jesus for forgiveness of her sins and placed her faith in trust in Jesus.  We needed to go to the bank and mail some letters that day and it was at the Post Office that we met Monica, a lady confused by what she had been taught about having eternal security. I shared with her the Good News of the Gospel and it became clear to her what she needed to do to receive eternal life. What an awesome time!  At the bank we met Jennifer, one of the tellers.  Our hearts broke for her as we talked about Jesus and she resisted hearing the Truth.  We found out later that her daughter went to VBS, vacation Bible school at the First Baptist Church and that her Mom had visited that church as well.  In God’s time we believe Jennifer will come to Jesus.  Also at the bank, I met a nun named Sister Ann. I told her that my Mother was a nun but left the convent, met my Dad, they got married and she got out of the habit and had 7 children.  She laughed and that opened the door for me to share a little about salvation by grace and not works. Lets pray for both these ladies that they would understand the one and only way to heaven through Jesus and that they will read the tract and Good News we gave them.

As we were biking around towns, we usually stop by schools and churches and pray at each location.  In Santa Rosa, we stopped in at the First Baptist Church when we saw several cars parked there. What a great blessing that was! Their church has been praying that the chains of sin and entanglement will be broken in their public schools and community. They are doing some really exciting things to encourage the teachers, reach out to the students and meet the needs of the people.  There were several other Christians who came from Louisiana to help them get ready for the school projects and they all came to our evening service at another church.  What a blessing it was to have 3 local churches gather together in prayer and fellowship.  Let’s all remember to be on our knees for the schools here in the USA.

What a welcome we received at First Baptist Church in Moriarty, NM from the new Pastor, Johnny, and the church family.  A special thanks to Rick, Beth and Mike, Janette and others who showered us with love, food, prayers and encouragement.  We had a great day riding through town, witnessing and meeting up with other tourists from all over the USA. The church people in this town have a real burden for their community. They are seeking God’s wisdom and direction to do what they can for their town of about 2,000 people to bring the message of salvation.

Free showers at the Pilot Travel center that afternoon was a new adventure and provided many witnessing opportunities as well. We thank them so much for that blessing!

Twenty fun miles on the paved Bosque Bicycle trail in **Albuquerque, NM** was quite the adventure on such a beautiful day.  Our WHEEL POWER friend, Julie, from Santa Fe, came down and rode with us.  There were several people we had the blessing of talking to along the trail about our trip and our purpose, it was great!!!

In Gallup, NM we stayed at an exciting church overlooking the beautiful red rock mountains around the edge of the Navajo reservation. However, it appeared to us as we rode through the town that the people are not quite interested in hearing the Truth, lots of atheist. On Sunday, I was able to speak about 10 minutes in both morning services and taught in an adult Sunday School class. It was a blessing to hear the encouragement from the church folks and their promise to pray for us.

PLEASE KEEP PRAYING FOR US - We need your prayers for continued safety and boldness in witnessing.   We will be in Flagstaff for this upcoming week and then continue on through Arizona to California.  Our trip ends on Oct. 10 and then Chrissy and I will drive our van and camper back to Virginia, making stops along the way to stay with friends.