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GA & AL Mission Trip Report

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! I’ve got a beautiful feeling every thing’s going “God’s” Way. (from Oklahoma,1955)

I woke up this morning with that song in my head and thanked the Lord for the beautiful new day He has given us. Please join me in counting your blessings each day, especially when there are challenges, frustrations and things that just either aggravate us or really concern us. Remember: “This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)

DISC GOLF Adventure

It was pretty cool to see my son, Steve, coaching his Liberty University team at the Disc Golf National Championships in Augusta, Georgia. Both the men and women’s squads played outstanding in their divisions and men placed first and the women came in second.

IMG 2136

Disc Golf Team at National's


We recently had a great team of believers riding and witnessing in Georgia and Alabama. Our team blended well with several old friends reconnecting and we were all very impressed with the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia. The concrete surface was like nothing I had ever ridden on before, so smooth and wide and we visited several quaint towns along the route too. We met many people to talk to about Jesus, ate at some very interesting places and enjoyed good weather (most days), camping and time together, studying God’s Word, praying and encouraging one another.

IMG 2188

GA/AL Mission Trip Team

IMG 2195

Riding on the Silver Comet Trail

Our riding time in Alabama was nice too along the Chief Ladega Trail. We also had a half-day of riding in Talladega but the rain forced us off the road. We enjoyed staying at Shocco Springs Christian Retreat Center in Talladega and learning more about their ministry and were blessed with a great place to stay. They have a beautiful facility and I hope to go back and help them get Pickleball going.

IMG 2135
IMG 2203

After the team departed, Chrissy and I headed south to Prattville, AL to visit friends, speak at Camellia Baptist Church and teach Pickleball both at the church and for new program at their local YMCA. We are thankful for the ministry opportunities the Lord gives us and the friends He puts in our lives to encourage us on our journey. We also stayed with some very good friends in Jasper, GA both on our way to the mission trip and on our way back home. With 4-children being home-schooled, we were so blessed to be a part of their lives for several days. We were able to help 2 of them learn how to ride their bikes, we also played lots of games, even taught them how to play Pickleball. It was restful and fun all at the same time! I hope they will be future WHEEL POWER missionaries, riding and spreading the Good News across our Country.

IMG 2269
IMG 2235


June 12 to 16: Williamsburg, VA

September 2019 – Maine/New England – Lighthouse Tour

Email me, Judy for all the details about each trip

More Ministry Opportunities

July 29 to August 1, 2019 is Virginia’s largest Pickleball Tournament held on the campus of Liberty University. We estimate over 500 players will compete at all levels and range in age from 14 to 90. We will have up to 34 indoor courts on hardwood floors for this venue and are excited to host this event for the bi-annual State Games on America. I am the tournament director and my son, Steve, assists me. We also need volunteers, so come on out and join the Pickleball fun and help out.


Riding my bicycle for most of my life, and especially on our mission trips with WHEEL POWER Christian Cyclists, I have seen our Country, and its people, in a whole different perceptive from just “normal life”. The dream of bicycling coast to coast started when I was 15 years old when my folks moved us from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles in 1965. Wow, what a trip that was! But I realized sitting in the car for almost 4,000 miles, not only was I ready to get out, I also really wanted to find out what the United States was all about and meet and talk to people from every State. It wasn’t until 1991 that my dream became a reality and I rode from Los Angeles to Boston on trip number 1. Now, 28 years later with a total of 15 trips pedaled across the Country, I can say it is still exciting, worthwhile and a life-changing experience every time I ride my bicycle, whether across town or across the Country. Why? Because of the people I meet and talk to and find out who they are and what they are going through, their blessings and their needs. The bicycle mission trips open the door to witness to people, pray with them and for them and be used of God in so many lives.

Life is so short, isn’t it? Yet God knows how many years He has for us on earth and how He wants to use us to further His Kingdom. I want to encourage you, whether you ride a bike or not, but as a believer in Jesus Christ to Go and Tell others who He is (John 15:16). We must be ready to talk to people in line at the grocery store, post office or bank, over the phone and when you go on that summer vacation. People everywhere need Jesus and when they see Him in you that will want to know Him too.

For the past 6 months, I have been asking people everywhere, with a big smile on my face, “Have you heard the Good News today?” They immediately ask me, “What?” I then tell them that Jesus loves them today and ask, “Do you know what Jesus did for you?” Then the conversation continues, however, the Lord wants it to go but it is always a blessing. I have come to realize that everyone truly does want to hear Good News and people really are searching for the truth, whether they want to admit it or not. So let’s put our fears aside, Psalm 27:1, and take time to share the Good News with someone everyday.


This is something I heard recently and have expanded on it:

If you have a PULSE that means God isn’t finished with you yet so live your life with PURPOSE. I encourage you to take your pulse daily and then know your PURPOSE, live it with PASSION and PRESS ON for Jesus until you take your last breath.

God's Blessings, Judy Bowman