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Judy Bowman's Radio Update

Jan. 2011

Please pray for Judy as she is making preparations for my new radio program to begin!  The title of the broadcast is "Going Bold with Dr. Judy".  We are all praying that it will reach many people with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and serve as an encouragement to fellow believers and followers of Jesus Christ to be BOLD witnesses as they live each day with real meaning and purpose. 

Judy Bowman - Northeast Mission Trip Update

Oct. 2010

Trip facts:  These are the only ones that really matter:

• 50 witnessing opportunities  •  6 salvations

I ask myself this question quite often, “What really matters in life?”  So as I share with you about my latest mission trip, I decided it doesn’t matter how many miles I rode, how many days I was gone, or how many States I traveled through.  It doesn’t matter what I saw, what I ate, or any of those things that are nice to talk about and interesting to discuss.  What matters in my life (as I hope in yours) is what I do for Jesus today and every day of my life.


One person who really made an impact on me last month is 19-year-old Jeff. He was working in a sporting goods store when I wandered in to do a little shopping with a friend. I was on my mission trip throughout the Northeast, and Jeff was another divine appointment that God had made for me.

Jeff was a helpful and kind young man. He answered all my friend’s questions about some sports equipment and I patiently waited for the “business” to end so I could then share about Jesus. As I spoke to him, I sensed that the Lord had prepared Jeff for this moment. I asked him what he believed about God, and he told me he had been in church “all his life” and definitely believed in God.

“Do you know what Jesus did for you, Jeff?” I asked. Smiling, he told me that he knew Jesus died for the sins of the world. After much discussion, I made the conversation very personal, telling Jeff that Jesus died for his sins and mine. Then I asked him where he will go when he dies – and Jeff looked concerned. He hoped he was good enough to get into heaven.

“I always hoped I would be good enough to get to heaven too,” I told him. “But the Bible teaches that we must be born again, and we must place our trust in Jesus alone because we can never be good enough.” Then I told Jeff how I surrendered my life and heart to Jesus for my salvation when I was in my late 20s.

With great enthusiasm, Jeff told me that his hair stylist got “born again” just last week – he didn’t know what it meant then, but he does now! The hair stylist's excitement was overwhelming, and she was brimming with happiness and Jeff said he wondered what had happened to her.  And one week later, there in the middle of this very large sporting goods store in New Jersey, Jeff prayed and invited Jesus into his heart and life.  He felt and now knew that same peace, joy, and excitement that comes when we surrender our lives to God’s will.


This was just one of many opportunities God opened up to me during my month-long mission trip. Traveling in my mini-motor home, with trailer in tow, carrying my bicycle and motorcycle trike, I was available and ready to meet every opportunity the Lord presented. Every evening, my little dog, Pedals, and I slept in the camper in the driveway of friends or in the church parking lot. I visited with family and old friends, and even got the chance to stop in my old grade school in Maine and meet students and teachers. Overall, I witnessed to more than 50 people about Jesus Christ, and prayed with six who came to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

God also used me to witness to several Hindus. On one busy Saturday morning in the streets of a Hindu/Muslim community in New Jersey, God orchestrated a miraculous set of incidents that helped me witness to several Hindu people.

As I was speaking to some of the Hindus, I held out my cross, which I wear around my neck, and I spoke the name of Jesus. I told them that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one can come to the Father (God) except through Jesus. I saw hearts softened, minds opened, and a desire to know the Truth about the one true God. It was exciting! Ultimately, I prayed with three Hindus who accepted Jesus as their Savior, praise God!


However, for a couple of men we had a definite language barrier. They wanted to know more, but they only spoke the Hindi language, I only spoke English. As soon as I spoke the name of Jesus, one of them fled. I was frustrated, not knowing what to say to the other Hindu still searching for understanding. Just then, an Indian evangelical pastor walked up to our crowd to listen. I asked him if he could speak Hindi, and he said he could, so he became my translator.

The Lord brought this whole witnessing opportunity together in an amazing way! I could tell by the look in the Hindu’s eyes that he wanted to know the truth, but was having trouble grasping it. He fought back tears as the translator continued to tell him about Jesus. When he finally left, he thanked me and the pastor who did the translating, and told us he had a lot to think about. I left him with some Christian material (in his language) and promised to follow up with him.

What a deep yearning this precious Hindu man has to know the Lord. Please pray for Him, that he will seek God and come to know salvation through Jesus Christ.


Let me close with my “$10 story.” To tell the story, I have to go way back and explain that for many years I have been picking up pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters across America wherever I find them along the road. Every time I do, my prayer is that God will multiply that coin to help support my ministry and the furtherance of His Kingdom.

About five years ago a woman who knew about our ministry joined one of our mission trips as our driver. Nancy watched as I picked up coins along the highway and saw me pray that they would be multiplied for God’s glory. She became so dedicated to helping us that she felt God leading her to become a regular donor to WHEEL POWER.

“I’ve seen you picking up pennies and dimes, and I want to multiply my gift to you,” she told me, “so I’m going to commit to one year of giving $10 a month.”

Throughout 2005 Nancy faithfully sent me $10 a month. When the year ended, she just kept on going. Today, five years later, just like clockwork, I count on Nancy’s check every month – and it has never failed to arrive.

Just a few weeks ago, when I was in Maine, I was pulling my camper out of the campground and a Christian man stopped me and asked me about my ministry. After we chatted for awhile, he pulled out his wallet and handed me some money. I was shocked.  We hadn’t discuss money and he had no idea we were a faith-based ministry.

“I feel a prompting from the Lord to support you,” he said. “Maybe this small gift will pay for your night of camping and fill up your tank.”


My friend, Nancy and the stranger at the campground were faithful to God’s leading. Are you being prompted to help support WHEEL POWER? If so, can you commit – like Nancy – to send just $10 a month for one year? Even a one-time gift of just $10 would be a blessing, but a monthly commitment from you will help us pay our many living and mission expenses.

I don’t need to tell you how difficult times are. I’m sure you know firsthand. Ministries like WHEEL POWER are suffering along with everyone else, so I ask you to please give as best you can. Please remember, I never take a salary from WHEEL POWER. I rely on your donations to keep the ministry going, and I rely on God to supply my daily needs.

A special thanks to the many folks who have partnered with us and prayed for us for so many years and are blessed to give us more than $10 a month.   If you believe in what we are doing right here in the United States, reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please help us to be able to continue to spread the Good News.  We need finances for living and ministry expenses but also for printing Tracts and other materials we freely give out. Click here to make an online donation or mail to: WHEEL POWER, PO Box 4791, Lynchburg, VA 24502

If you aren’t able to send a gift or commit to a regular monthly gift, please, please – keep on praying for this ministry. It is only with you behind me that I am able to GO and TELL people about Jesus.

A special thank you to all who regularly support WHEEL POWER with financial gifts and prayers, you are our partners who help us to continually spread the Word of the Lord and His GOOD NEWS.  We all know it's not the amount of the gift that matters, that is between the giver and God.  But rather it is the gift given in love and obedience to the prompting from the Lord.  I believe we'll all be blessed as we are faithful.

Please remember to send me your prayer requests so I can pray with you and for your needs.  I send this letter with my love and appreciation to you all, my dear friends, and with complete dedication to living my life for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day.

Love in Christ,  Judy Bowman

“Then many who heard him say these things believed in him. And Jesus said to the people who believed in him, ‘You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’ ” John 8:30-32 (NLT)

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