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Andrea's Testimony

Greetings, my friend, you are listening to going bold with Dr. Judy today I want to share with you one of the greatest lesson’s I’ve learned about people in my many years of traveling across America on a bicycle.  It is this: People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  I really believe that’s the secret to being an effective witness for Jesus Christ.

Let me tell you about Andrea, and how this applied to her life.

One day while stopping at a convenience store to purchase a bottle of water I met a 28-year-old cashier name Andrea, whom God placed in my path for a very special reason.

I’m always looking for opportunities to talk with people about Jesus and so after a brief hello, I asked her what she believed about God.

The store was very busy that day, and I knew that I might have just a moment of Andrea’s undivided attention.  She gave me a response I had heard many times before.

“I believe there is a God,” she said, “but I don’t know much about Him.”

Then she told me that for years her sister had been talking about Jesus and a personal relationship she had with Him.

“But I gotta tell ya,” Andrea said, “I just don't understand all that.”

In that busy store, God kept the steady flow of customers away from Andrea's line just long enough for me to explain the basic message of the Gospel. I could see in her eyes that she really wanted to talk but there wasn't time. She then asked if I could meet her outside by the picnic table in about 5 minutes.  In that five minutes I prayed for Andrea and the opportunity the Lord was giving me to talk with her.

Soon she came out on her break and sat down with me. I asked her a little about her life, and within a few minutes I realized how desperately she needed someone just to care about her. She had endured a difficult, unwanted divorce, loneliness, and several part time jobs that were unfulfilling. Life was already becoming a battle for this very young woman. I sensed her pain, her emptiness and her lack of confidence.

Then I told her a little about myself. That I, too, had gone through a bitter divorce. And I was left with a 3-year-old son to raise by myself.  That I too had been desperate to find some meaning and purpose in my life when I was just about her age.

How can someone put so much trust in a God they don't know or can’t see?” Andrea asked.

“Well, you know Andrea, we can know God through His Word, the Bible. We can also know God through creation, and we can know God from other believers like your sister and myself."

Then I showed her the cross that I was wearing around my neck and told her about God's love demonstrated through His son, Jesus.

I said, “His death on the cross paid the price for our sins, those things that you and I have done wrong. And His resurrection gives us eternal hope so we can live with Him forever."

Andrea leaned forward toward me… she looked deeply into my eyes, and with tears beginning to form, and then she asked:

“Did Jesus die for me, too?”  “Will He forgive me?  Can I really know Him the way you do… the way my sister does?  I’ve done so many things wrong,” she told me, “but now I want to turn my life around and have a new beginning.”

I shared with Andrea several Bible verses assuring her of God's love and forgiveness and what she must do to be saved.

Andrea, in her sweet, innocent and humble tenderness bowed her head and admitted her sin. She cried out, "Oh Lord, Jesus, I need you, I believe in you, and I surrender my life to you, please save me."

I reached across the picnic table and grasped her hands. I could almost hear the angels in heaven rejoicing. The Lord had heard the prayers of Andrea's faithful sister and had used me to help lead this lost child to the Savior.

Dear Friend, God can use you, too. Yes, in this busy life we lead we need to find time to reach out to the Andrea's in our world.

If you want to start going bold by sharing your faith,

Here’s the K. E. Y.:

Keep the message simple. Begin with a general greeting and then ask a simple question such as: “Do you know Jesus loves you today?

Make Eye contact -  Look at the person and really see them and hear and feel their response to your question.

Yield to the Holy Spirit's leading … and then move forward in sharing the Gospel message of truth and hope, the Lord will do the rest.

That's the KEYKeep it simple, make Eye contact, and Yield to the Holy Spirit.

And always remember this: people won't care how much you know … until they know how much you care!


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